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Trespass Offering

And he shall make restitution… Lev. 5:16

The first five chapters of Leviticus are extremely interesting! They deal with the five different offerings the children of Israel were to make. The Burnt offering, the Grain offering, the Peace offering, the Sin offering and the Trespass offering.

This final offering, the Trespass offering, shines the light on the need to make restitution. The goal is to gain a clear conscience. Jesus said, in the sermon on the mount, “If you bring your gift to the altar, and remember that a brother has something against you,…go make it right!” Matt. 5:23

Walking in FORGIVENESS must also include restitution, when necessary. When you need to ask for forgiveness, if something was also taken, damaged, lost etc. restitution of that should happen!

Walking properly in forgiveness makes it easier to live in the light of eternity!

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