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The Stone Had Been Taken Away

The Stone had been taken away… John 20:1

The journey for our redemption began in heaven. God the Son then came to earth in the form of a baby. He lived and walked among us, yet without sin. Our Messiah, Jesus, spent three and a half years teaching us about the kingdom of heaven, healing people and showing us what AGAPE – God’s kind of love – really is.

When all was said and done, Christ went through a severe beating, stumbled to mount Calvary, was crucified and died on that cross. He took our sins - our debts that we could not pay, and they were nailed to the cross with Jesus. His blood paid the debt forever!

He was buried in a barrowed tomb with a large stone rolled in front of it. From Friday afternoon until Sunday morning, all seemed to be lost. His disciples did not understand the prophecies or what Jesus Himself had spoken to them. They were afraid and hopeless!

Sunday morning, however, changed everything! On Friday the Devil thought that he had won; but Sunday morning began with the stone being rolled away, and Jesus no longer in the tomb. The enemy was defeated, and the Alpha and Omega was Resurrected! He is risen!

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