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Pursue the New Life

Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord… Hebrews 12:14

The song TAKE MY LIFE says this: “Holiness, holiness is what I long for, holiness is what I need; holiness, holiness is what You want from me.”

The chorus says: “So take my heart, and form it; take my mind, transform it; take my will, conform it; to Yours, to Yours, oh Lord.”

A sanctified life does not happen by accident. No one became holy by doing nothing!

When we pursue God; when we pursue His presence, we set ourselves apart for Him (sanctification), and our pursuit of the Lord causes the things of our ‘old life’ to burn up, to be consumed by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Pursue Him and walk in the newness of life!

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