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Prince of Peace

For He Himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation. Eph. 2:14

In an interview with Larry King, Harrison Ford was asked: “Your money has bought you so much; Is there anything you haven’t been able to buy?” Harrison said, “I don’t have peace.” Truly stated, peace is NOT something that you can buy! But if we will test our allegiance to the Lord, our answers can bring us peace. William Gurnall, a Puritan writer, asks these questions:

First: How did your ‘prince’ come to the throne? In this fallen world, we must ask Christ to sit on the throne of our hearts!

Second: Whose law do you obey? Because the prince of darkness has only the law of sin. The Prince of Peace has the law of life and holiness! (See Romans 6:16).

Third: Where do you go for protection? When you live in sin and are unrepentant, you won’t trust God and go to Him. The fear of the Lord will bring you to the heart of the Spirit of God!

Fourth: With whom do you sympathize? Christ is your Prince if you are able to celebrate godliness and the victories of the Lord.

And fifth: Have you joined the ‘troops’ that fight against the enemy-satan? Because standing on the sidelines is NOT enough! We are needed on the front lines, not just in the Palace with the Prince.

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