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Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. John 8:36

When I consider the concept of Freedom, my thoughts divide into two areas: freedom in Christ, and the God given freedom that every human being should have on this planet.

I have lived in five different countries and visited at least twenty-eight others (perhaps forgetting one or two). Several of the places I lived, and many of the places I visited were underdeveloped third world countries. I have seen poverty at its worst. I’ve seen malnutrition, disease and ignorance take its toll! I’ve seen hopelessness and despair, and have lived among people for whom freedom was just an illusion, a fantasy, or an elusive dream.

But all people, every nation and every tribe should be free! No one wants to be a slave: not to others, not to habits and not to things! I keep hearing that phrase from the moving La Amistad, “Give us, us free.”

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