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Final Hours of 2023

Fifty years ago, theologian Percy Brewster pointed out several trends that Pentecostals needed to be wary of – if we are paying attention, we will find they still hold true for today!

One trend is accepting the heritage of the past without a corresponding personal dedication. It is what happens when ones spiritual life is not where it should be! Having a ‘form of godliness, but no substance’.

Another trend is a weakening in the area of evangelism. He pointed out that a church with a low priority on evangelism is committing spiritual suicide.

Understanding these trends, note the steps we can take:

We are in the final hours of 2023 and at the door of 2024. I encourage you to make a decision to leave behind any ‘baggage’ you are carrying and start the new year fresh and clean, striving to be SALT & LIGHT.

In the new year you will note that the church is committed to more outreach that will both reach the lost and encourage us as we work to reach our Jerusalem. Faithfulness to prayer and Bible reading will help us all make this possible.

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