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Be Dead to Sin

Be dead to sin… Romans 6:11

In my teen years I worked for the YMCA Camp in Hunt, Texas. Most of you won’t know where that is; but if you go to Kerrville, continue along the river to Ingram, you will eventually stumble upon Hunt. It was the perfect place for a summer camp. Anyway, back to the story, I worked for the camp many summers, and one particular year before the camping season began, the counselors and staff spent a full day picking up trashing and straightening things up. Well, the kids came, and camp went on as usual. And little by little the trash we had picked up returned. The thing is, it happened so gradually that no one really noticed. Then, one day the President of the YMCA of San Antonio came for a visit of the camp, and he was shocked! The amount of trash laying around was staggering to him, and until it was pointed out, we were blind to it! Needless to say, it got picked up again! Sometimes, we’re like that with sin in our lives! It comes in so gradually that we hardly notice, and everyone is doing it, so it’s okay, because “everyone is doing it”. But when Christ comes, He will not want to find our trashy lives; He won’t want to find us living in sin; in fact, He will not accept it! The Word of God says to “be dead to sin” (Romans 6:11), but some people aren’t even sick of it!

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